Stephanie Coulter

Stephanie Coulter

Staff Solicitor: LL. B.

Steph grew up in Inglewood and Stratford, and attended Stratford High School before deciding to make the move to Hamilton to attend the University of Waikato. After 4 years of study Steph obtained her Bachelor of Law degree, graduating in April 2014.

Upon returning to Taranaki, Steph started working for Thomson O'Neil & Co in November 2013 as a Law Clerk. Following her admission to the High Court of New Zealand in August 2014, Steph has now become a Solicitor of the firm.

Steph has spent the majority of her life on farms with her family and now lives with her husband on a farm near Manaia. Steph has many interests in the legal profession especially in the rural sector including the buying and selling of farms and rural employment.

Steph is a general practitioner and is building a range of skills in a variety of areas with the legal profession.

Steph is available to discuss any legal issues including wills, Powers of Attorney, leases, conveyancing , and employment law.

Outside the firm, Steph takes part in a number of extracurricular activities including netball and rock'n'roll dancing. Steph also spends a lot of her time with friends and family outside of her career.

Steph can be e-mailed on or contacted by telephone on (06) 765 5299

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